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July 06, 2008


Kelly Dugan

Hello Buzz,

This is Kelly, I was the guy sitting across for you Thursday, at WhatCounts listening to your superb demo of Active Words, and a laundry list of who's who of new tech solutions (eyejot, xnobi). Wanted to comment on your great blog, I follow a lot of tech trends, and I have to say I've been wanting a Kindle badly, and have thought similar thoughts about what a 2.0 version should look like. I think the reading experience will completely change, even though there have been "nothing can replace a dead tree" naysayers from the start. Their complaints are valid, but are evaporating as legibility improves vastly an strain decreases. Love the idea of enhancing it and embedding this tech all laptops (similar to how Touch tech will permeate all brands). Hope you are well!

Peter Jeff

Yes, I can understand the beauty of the flowers in Seatle from the picture..Its so fresh and bright!

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