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June 22, 2008


Robin Capper

Take it easy, wishing you and the Saab a speedy recovery!

Lorie Marrero

Buzz! So sorry to hear you got hurt! You've clearly already done something most people don't do-- ask yourself what you can learn from it.

Take care! Get better!
- Lorie


OW! Geez, glad you're ok! At least it was a flat surface though, and not the side of a mountain... =)

Hopefully your trusty car was just having an off day and it's nothing super serious.

Philip Ferris

Sorry to hear about your misfortune - I can sympathise -

Arnica can help bring the bruising out more swiftly- homeopathic, it worked for me.

With the knee remember RICE - Rest Ice Compress Elevate.

Take care. Glad you enjoyed the day.

Kris Fuehr

Ouch! Did the guy give you a discount for "helping"? ;-) Happy healing.

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