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June 28, 2008



I think it would end up being a huge program (and probably a pain) to get it started (and the program written), but as a charity type of thing, and for those who don't re-read books (me not being one of them), it would be awesome! Especially when people are looking to do something with books they just don't want/need anymore and don't want to just toss them out.

Chris S.

I love the idea, Buzz. Like your mom, I save most of the books I've read, and while I don't quite think of them as empty wine bottles, it makes sense to reuse/recycle books just as I do my empties.

The need-matching programs have already been written (think, so how hard could it be, really, to make a grass roots movement happen?

Marc Nijdam does something that does the logistics side of this. With some limitations, but it's not that far of the mark.



What you want, sounds a lot like what we built at

On Swaptree, users can trade the books, cds, dvds, and video games they are finished with, for the ones they want, with other users for FREE.

Simply list the items that you have to trade and the items that you want and Swaptree’s two and three-way trade algorithms instantly shows you all of the items you can receive in trade. Its pretty cool and kind of amazing.

Swaptree even simplifies the mailing process, by providing you with a perfect postage label that can be printed right from your computer, so you never have to go to the post office. Best of all Swaptree, not only saves you money and allows you to discover new authors and artists, it is also environmentally friendly by reducing consumption and promoting sharing and recycling.

Below is a link to a 2 minute video that shows you what Swaptree is all about.

Thanks for the post, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions.

Mark Hexamer

Martin Tobias

Buzz, you are talking about recommerce. That is what we are doing at We are a generalized platform, not specific to books, but exactly what you are talking about. matching people/organizations who want things with people who have them and don't need/want them anymore. That is recommerce. Keep the stuff moving. Don't buy new if you don't have to.

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