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April 21, 2008


Ken LeFebvre

A touching memorial... a man is rich to have had a friend like you.

Thank you for sharing your kind sentiments with us.


Wonderful sentiments, Buzz. He was lucky to have you there when he did...

Steve Broback

Thanks for this post Buzz. Tom was a great man and he left us far too soon. He was blessed to have dedicated friends and a loving family. A sad day indeed.

Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

...stardate: April 22, 2008 - Ojai, CA

Ok, I guess this is what happens, but I tell ya it's hard to swallow.

Being the "eternal student," I've surrounded myself by people wiser, more experienced, older, and smarter than I. And, the more people I meet, the bigger the circles of influence become, the more I have to brace myself for this...

...I met Tom through Buzz (isn't that how it works: Someone in your circle says, "Hey, ya gotta meet...") and within weeks we'd struck up an "e-mail" friendship.

On one of his trips to Ojai, we met for breakfast. Next thing I knew, I was driving to Camden for a "hosting" with Tom and his family. A hike (while he took a board call, SHHHH), dinner with Valerie, a wonderfully, cozy night stay, and breakfast right next to the Pop!Tech office.

One more visit...this time on my home turf: Tom came to visit his parents, who live right down the road from me, and he and I got a morning hike in to the local coffee shop.

Good memories, and I agree...

“Life is precious, and time is short…”

Philip Ferris

That you were there and he was aware, must count for a lot.

That you had time with him does not make it any easier, but I hope it is a comfort still.

Dwayne Melancon

Buzz, thank you for sharing this sad (and poignant) tribute to your friend. I'm so glad the two of you had those last clear moments together and that you were able to be there with him and his family.

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