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March 20, 2008


Ronald Ryland

Too bad your company isn`t able to make a osx version. As a Windows defector, most of my needs is handled by Quicksilver, but I still miss several functions from Activewords.

With memorystick support on Windows, I belive your baby would have gained a much bigger momentum.

As Activewords displays today, it seems like a artifact from the good `ol `95 days. Little bling, quite dull really, but powerfull still. Quite odd really, that Microsoft didn`t have the decency to copycat most of your functions ;)

I still miss AW, anyways.. Happy hunting, Buzz!

Judi Smith

It is just as well that the Mac version is quite a ways down the list. You have done your market research well. Numerous studies have shown that a Mac user is more productive than a Windows user doing the same tasks.

Dorlene was simply more used to a Windows operating system.

In the end, Windows users need something like ActiveWords, Mac users don't.

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