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February 25, 2008


Philip Ferris

Michael Woodsis one of my all time favourite historian-presenters. Do try to catch his series on Alexander the Great, the Sacred Way in Greece & the are on India to name but a few.

It would definitely be great if you could come over at some point. You know that, if you hit London, I'll take some time off and travel up to meet and visit some places.

On the topic of Shakespeare Cathy and I are lucky enough to be spending a week with our Godson and his family, staying with them a mile outside of Stratford-upon-Avon.

You would love Oxford too and I intend a day just soaking up the sites, since we will only be a short drive from there.



You make some interesting observations about how travel might change with the advent of HDTv. While there is definitely potential, I don't quite see a big enough threat to traditional vacationing from TV as yet..

1. The biggest reason for this is the same reason HDTv broadcasts of sports games, with replays and 40 different camera angles, still haven't replaced actually being there.

2. Travel, moreover, is a personal experience. What's interesting in a certain destination to you may not be to me. I bet if the two of us chalked up itenaries for what to see in a new city, say Paris, it would look quite different.

3. Sight and sound are but two of the senses. A trip to the Carribean wouldn't be the same without tasting the local seafood, swimming in the warm ocean waters, and much more.

Thoughts ?


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