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December 03, 2007


Jim Bruggeman

Not to rain on the party,but this post somehow reminds me of the global fragility of life, and the dangers ahead ... because those who govern us don't know excrement from shoe polish ... or are too greedy to care. Our lives are in the hands of uncaring, avaricious, even murderous incompetents. Catch the video for the nouveau political comic The Shooting War. A fture not too far fetched and are we please with everything else?: The subprime mess is weighing on the world economy; Monday's stock market may dive; recession - if the Merrill Lynch folks are savants - is just around the corner; and China is your Santa Claus. Director general of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, has it right when he recently mused, "If one wants to analyze the globalized market capitalism of today, the essential tools reside in the intellectual toolkit Marx and some of those who inspired him created ...Even globalization is only a historical stage of market capitalism as Marx imagined it.Capitalism cannot satisfy us. It is a means that must remain in the service of human development. Not an end in itself. A single example: if we do not vigorously question the dynamic of capitalism, do you believe we will succeed in mastering climate change?" A startling admission by the director of this bastion of global capitalism. But, here we are, with what we think is a firm bead on reality: more prosperous and freer than ever before?

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