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February 11, 2007


FlightStats Mobile

Buzz, thanks for checking us out. When you bookmark it on your Treo, use the mobile version of the flight tracking software: Makes it easier to keep track of arrivals and delays while you're on the go (and avoid wasting your time waiting).

Airport Parking Master

"Airport parking is expensive, airport parking is a hassle, and the entire travel experience as it relates to getting in an out of airports is painful. Whatever romance existed in travel is quickly drifting away."

I have to agree. But I almost exclusivly use offsite parking or parknjet parking. I get a free ride to the airport and the rate are usually less than half if I parked at the airport.
And to put the Romance back in, book a park sleep fly package where you stay at a local airport hotel the night before your flight, and take the shuttle in the morning. Its almost like parking for free.

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