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November 08, 2006


Bryan Zug

You at Mind Camp this weekend Buzz? If so, let's chat. I will be shooting video of sessions there.

Gerald Buckley

Oddly enough Hugh MacLeod's asking nearly the same question. If you're intent on going on the low cost side... Get a Digital Hi 8 (Sony makes some swell ones with remote controls), a decent tripod, and video editing software (sorry, I'm a Mac guy). Adobe's got some good stuff going on the video editing side of life I understand...

If you were going Mac... I'm sure Mr. Scoble would have some good do's and don'ts. Heck, he might even have some good PC do's and don'ts... But, you may have already swabbed HIM down...

Eric Mack

Buzz, you can do everything for well within your camera budget.

For in-studio vlogging:
Buy a good Sony Digital Camera ($400-$500)
Visual Communicator Studio ($300-$500)
(Includes teleprompter & green screen backdrop)
Some lights (Many on the VC forums use halogen shoplights & dimmers) ($100)

I can show you my setup

James Clarke

Buzz: MovieMaker in Vista has come a long way for simple rough-cut editing (the new pipeline can handle HD as well). Sony's Vegas Video is pretty awesome at the higher end. I'm sure my friends at Avid might be able to help out in this area also.. I'll make some enquiries for you.

Doug Danks

Hello Buzz: I will be keeping an eye on your blog as I am looking for the same kind of camcorder. My idea is when we open phase 2 of our development I might do some kind of video blog of the opening, the progress, what's available etc. We are going to the MacWorld in January in hopes of getting some inspiration and possibly equipment to get the job done.

Rich Padink

What the hell? Didn't we just have an election? How about a little political commentary, albeit warmed over.

I'm going back to the warming house.

Rich Padink
International Falls,

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