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July 26, 2006


Marc Orchant

Buzz - it's typical Mac fan myopia - it's been going on for many years. I know - I was a diehard Mac zealot from the Mac 128 through the second generation iMacs before "going over to the dark side" and I used to fall prey to his syndrome myself.

Double standards do exist - you're just not supposed to talk about them in polite company or you are subject to withering scorn and derision.

I thought long and hard about getting a MacBook Pro recently and decided to wait at least until rev 2. I've been bitten by Apple version 1.0 way too many times in the past.

FWIW, my new Dell D620 Core Duo laptop is smokin' fast, not smokin' hot ;^)

Dick Rowan

Include a chiller for a split of pinot gris and I buy it! Thanks for providing the AO back channel.

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