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May 04, 2006


Stephanie H.

you are a doll. thanks for the nice words about Mobility Electronics' igo - we surely appreciate it, and more important, we are glad it is helpful for you! I look forward to seeing you again at DEMO or another great show. Be well.

Alan A. Reiter

Hi Buzz,

I haven't used iGo but I know about it, and it seems like a great idea.

One question: How do you keep track of the power "tips"? Cables are relatively easy to find, but when you have several tips (that aren't attached to a cable) you've got to be careful, I assume, that they don't get lost!

Or do you keep them in an iGo case, assuming there is one?


The iGo (everywhere 7500) I got does have a nice little case that holds everything, and a nice little side pocket for any tips, although I kept the little plastic ziplock bag to keep the laptop tips separate from the other tips. :-)

China Law Blog


Warning. My laptop repair guru blamed my blown hard drive a few months ago on my using iGo. He said that it pumped out more wattage (or was it voltage) than was best for my laptop. I loved my iGo up to that point, but have stopped using it on his rec. Don't know if this is correct or not, but it scared the hell out of me. Anyone else know?

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