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May 18, 2005


Jason Echols

How much is that radio. I am staying in a couple of different Hiltons next week on my trip to LA.


Larry A

I am staying in a Hilton Hotel with the SDI HH211 radio and there are no instructions nor is the radio intuitive on how to set the station program buttons, which control the wake to music option. The radio in my room is set for a Spanish speaking station, a rap station, a station with a lot of static and a talk radio station, none of which fit my preference of classic rock. I stay in Hilton Hotels weekly and if I can't wake to the music I want, then I'll wake to the alarm buzzer and forget the radio!


I don't know if that's the same clock. This ( doesn't look like this (


Hilton clock radios are awesome. I also really want to buy one. I would steal one but then I'd feel bad. I keep checking eBay for one with no luck. You should sell them on your site. :)

fernando sacasa

i stay in the palmer house hilton chicago i like the sdi SDI HH211 please send me information where a buy this one is a beautiful radio clock and MP3. funcion corectly with my iPod


I also really want to buy one too


So, ref your May 2005 posting, were you able to buy an HH211 from Hilton? Or from anywhere, for that matter? If so, please post how you did it.



You can find the radio here:

Or go to: and Click on the TECHNOLOGY button. The radio is $60 with a version with the CD player costing $110

Shipping for the $60 radio was $9.95 bringing the total to $69.95. Not a bad amount for a fine radio.

Later !



I saw this model with the CD feature on the SDI website.
You can purchase this for $79.99.


This clock is manufactured by SDI (as noted in previous posts) however the price of $110 for the CD version is just stupid. You're paying that for two reasons: A. You get the black version and B. you get the litte H embossed on the radio. Really lame IMHO. So if you want the lowdown on where to get the radio for $69.99 plus Free shipping, you can go to this link: The link for the version of the on in the post directly above this is out of date but he was one the right track.

-- Daytranno

"Spare the rod, spoil the rm -r I always say"

Lord MIhey

wow i tirid to read )) very intresting, i continue tomorrow/


You have to take the top off of the radio. One screw on back. Under the top plate there is a swicth which activates / deactivates preset buttons tuning. After resetting the switch tune to desired station and hold preset button until radio beeps.

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