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December 07, 2004


Don Schenck

Do tell!


This is insane and I don't know why you blanked out the name to begin with. If that company jerked you around, and outright lied to you (the nerve!), that is beyond deplorable.

Ballistic seems in order, and at the very least say who it is. I don't know why you're hiding the name to begin with. Who/What are you trying to protect by hiding this information? At best it could get a company rep to quickly placate this matter and make sure you're compensated/taken care of. This would allow you to post a go rebuttal on their behalf.

At worst they could ignore and your readers can see the truth of this stupid company and their awful product.


Sounds like the exact same experience I had with Dell and my never-to-be-shipped Axim x50. Multiple emails and calls to and from people who spoke little english and had clearly copy/pasted sections of their email responses to me. Like you, I won't do business with Dell again.


Sorry to hear you guys had some bad Dell experiences. While we've all had some tough experiences with Companies, I've actually had great experiences with Dell. So much so I went to work for them recently. In any case from what I've seen so far, the company really does take customer sat VERY seriously. I know they've some troubles with some some offshore customer support, but they've been working hard to get those fixed. I hope someday you'll give 'em another chance, but I do understand how frustrating this can be sometimes (I have been there with other companies:)

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