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December 21, 2004



It's too bad Bernie couldn't search in the Microsoft MVP private newsgroups. People have had some bad things to say about Activewords there recently.

Bernie Goldbach

I've got plenty of caustic comments on ActiveWords sourced on mailing lists populated by Irish developers and they fill my bilge tanks with issues related to value for money, registry edits, and work flow analysis. ActiveWords won't work if you don't think shortcuts are important enough to learn keystrokes or key words. However, if your game is shortening your work flow in a job that rewards you with longer breaks between suspenses, then ActiveWords will get you through your workload faster. Granted, my impressions are only my own and it's certainly a fact that the program has its detractors. But as this blog item points out, the A9 and Google trawls are hard pressed to find hordes who denigrate the program. I know those who do but like the developers inside MSDN, they're often power users wrapped inside private newsgroups. Their opinions are worthwhile, but simply not mainstream enough to fit in the context of the reviews I normally write for the technology sections of Irish newspapers.

Peter J. Weldon

MVPs have bad things to say about ActiveWords? What is they don't like?

Trevor Cook

Try gmail problem wow lots of entries there

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