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April 26, 2006


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» ActiveWords for Windows Mobile is coming from freitasm
I use ActiveWords on my Tablet PC and its a great time saver. Its a mix of handwriting recognition, gestures, shortcuts and macros. You can invoke programs, replace text, automate tasks, etc. Really cool stuff.The man behind this program is B... [Read More]



Buzz! Team up with a guy to port ActiveWords to Mac, man! I have no clue about coding stuff, but will the Universal Binary thingy (for the Intel chips in the new Macs) make it any easier? I still hold my breath that you guys will eventually do a Mac version...

Phil Ferris

I am sincerely hoping that Andy Haslam, of Omega One, will be able to lead the way for eventually porting ActiveWords over to Pocket PCs.

As a Dell Axim x51v user it would be so useful. I make use of gestures when inking with Calligrapher and would be delighted to use AW to make me so much more productive.

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