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April 21, 2005


Steve Pavlina

My SE ego is just slightly bigger than yours, Buzz, but a lot less than Scoble's.

For "Steve Pavlina" (in quotes) I get 24,200 on Google and 7,187 on MSN. Most of the top results are references to my articles or blog entries.

Michael Moncur

Wow, I get 133,000 in Google (but I guess I'm no Scoble) and 18,000 at MSN. It seems like MSN has less results in general for most queries - not necessarily a bad thing.

Marc Orchant

Buzz: I just posted my take on this and, as I told you at Search Champs, it's all smoke and mirrors IMO. I added Yahoo! to the mix just to make it even more interesting.

Terry Porter

I got 36,000 on Google and 14,000 on MSN. Of course, I share a name with a former NBA player, so most of those references are to him. Which is one of the problems with ego searching...


Hi Buzz,

Mine is 1.210 in Google and 871 in MSN ...i have to age a bit more :-)

There is a nice website for egosurfing and test your populairity:

Paul Aelen (that's one result more now, thxs!)

Antoin O Lachtnain

Try and think about this. The number you get for occurrences is an _estimate_. It's based on a survey of some sort of subset of pages or indices. They do exactly what pollsters do - they infer from the survey data to the population at large. So, if they survey 1 million pages and find 5 occurrences, and they know that there are around 1 billion pages on the web, then they infer that there must be around 5000 occurrences of your name.

The problem with this survey is that the sample probably isn't really representative. They are overindexing certain types of pages, probably pages that are frequently linked to.

Google (or the other search engines) are designed for searching, not textual analysis. The numbers they throw up are just supposed to give you some context, not to be accurate. There isn't much point in trying to rate search engines on this criterion.

On the other hand, maybe there is a need for an Internet textual analysis system to allow accurate egosurfing. Who knows?

Nicole Simon

13900 / 6548 - and I throw in another figure: 36600, Yahoo. :o) But of course, this does not count as Buzz name, because that one is special.

I love the fact that I don't need a special domain name any more, but people can throw in my name and will always get a contact to me first. I'm working at Nicole ;)

As for the numbers, I think I remember that google did only show results with a certain pagerank in them but then again - does it really matter? I don't mind that Yahoo has the most hit, Google gives me most of the time the results I was looking for - the others not.

And as long as I can't set the search enginge to search the database I want it to (especially MSN Search is 'great' in mixing german results in it with a higher rank), Google stays as the least annoying of those three.

But the vanity search thing is another reason to go out and look before you name a product - because it makes it easier for you to show people that you are talked about and for people to find your product. :)

Tim Bray

Part of the answer is here:

Brandon Paddock

I guess I'm the only one who gets more results on MSN? Awfully strange, that is.

Denis de Bernardy

Some search engine results are in aggregate form. e.g. if your name is mentionned several times on the same web site, engines such as Google return two entries, one of which is indented and followed by a 'more results from [site]' link.

Chris Hammond

I'm just adding a post so that my name shows up on google one more time ;)

Terry Porter

The buzzword of the day today is narcissurfing: Googling yourself to see where, when, and how many times your name comes up.

This is the first time I have ever commented twice on a blog. Which makes another entry for me and not the NBA guy I guess...

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