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December 10, 2004


Cameron Reilly

beautifully written Buzzman. I hope you find yourself something uplifting to think about this xmas. Perhaps contemplate the myriad ways you have tried to make the world a better place this year through your activism, your evangelism, your company and your friendship.


Merry Christmas, Buzz. You got plenty of friends out here.

Joe Begalla

Hey Buzz - Merry Christmas and thanks for the thoughts about Christmas in the cold, cold past. Growing up in Pennsylvania in the '40's and 50's had a lot of similarity, and I, too, had one friend who was always part of our family celebration. Thanks for the reminder and the memory...


Isnt it ironic that we find the best gifts of Christmas after we are all grown up. If only we could pass this insight on to our children so that they can have that appreciation when they are young. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas Buzz...coming to you from Virginia Minnesota.


beautifully written Buzzman


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