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October 22, 2004


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Chris Martin

Poptech ideas and roster are cool, but where are the women speakers and ideas encompassing women? Could no one think of any women doing any interesting work in these areas? There's only one? She's very good. But of the conference seems to be mostly by white men, visualizing white men talking about global and technology trends, behaviors, ideas. Women see things and communicate very differently than men. And their research is different. They ask different questions. How about exposing it, thinking about it what else is out there? Visualizing women as a part of the picture?

Buzz Bruggeman

Good comment, valid comment, but I know that a number of women were invited, and for various reasons a number of them couldn't come.

The ideas that have been advanced aren't really gender based, but rather are applicable to all. Are you listening to www.itconversations.com?

If not, do so, and you can hear the speakers.

Chris Martin

Yes, I've been listening. And the one woman was very good. But the point is, many of the ideas, as presented and constructed, and the underlying assumptions, are informed by a male understanding. They are fascinating speakers, and it's well done. But women inhabit half the world, and to not come up with some women speakers with is disturbing.

I am aware that 9 other women were asked, but declined. But there are more than 10 women with amazing research in the areas you cover, who are great speakers. Should have approached 50 women to get 15. In contrast, if you have 29 men speaking, and more men were asked who turned Poptech down as well, it means the request ratio of men to women was also high. That's not good.

Since men are the default, and their perspectives are considered to be neutral, then I can see how many would understand that the presentations so far are gender neutral. But if you had more women, it might be more apparent the contrast in views and assumptions, and research directions, to understand why their presentations are actually male, even if the presentation isn't about gender or a particularly male issue.

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